Yulhee points out that Choi Minhwan got custody of the children to take care of their environment


Article: Yulhee on breaking up with Choi Minhwan “why their father got custody…”

Source: Money Today by Nate

[+96, -19] Whatever the reason, I have rarely seen a case where the father received custody without the mother making a serious mistake.

– [+37, -9] She just wants to live as herself and not as a mother

– [+30, -4] I think it is right that Choi Minhwan got protection. They have three children, unlike in the past when parents divided the children in the middle… Yulhee has no income to support them, but the children were taken care of first. we are the parents of the family so it seems to be the best example that Choi Minhwan keeps.

– [+21, -2] He will not be able to sustain their current life with his income alone

[+62, -1] He doesn’t seem like a very careful person in general. He got married in the middle of his career as a girl group and went on to get married. It seems selfish.

[+41, -2] It seems that there is something more that they are not willing to reveal to the public. He said, it is better not to change their environment, but what is the biggest change in the environment for the child than living alone with his mother? ㅋㅋ

[+35, -0] In fact, I can see this being the best situation. Choi Minhwan’s parents can take care of the children, and he makes more money than her. Both of Yulhee’s parents work, so how does she find time to hold down a job without childcare for the children? I doubt it was an easy decision to divorce with three kids on the line, so I’m sure for whatever reason it will stay between the two.

[+7, -0] Mother MZ can’t stay away from the internet or Instagram. No one will judge your decisions about family if you don’t put them out there.

[+0] Not sure why people are so critical of Yulhee. They have been living in the basement of Choi Minhwan’s parents’ house for a long time, and the fact that Yulhee has no income to take the children, seems to be the reason why Choi Minhwan got it. the defense.

[+0] He told us to take good care of him but the truth is that he left the three children and ran away ㅋㅋㅋ

[+0] He got protection because he had money

[+0] So he’s trying to convince us that losing their mother is a bigger change than moving house?

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