EXO’s Chen becomes daddy of two babies

1. [+217] No, remove the EXO title concerning your name

2. [+154] Congrats… in any case, if it’s not too much trouble, leave out the EXO title from your name

3. [+121] Definitely, well… the child’s conceived now so I really want to believe that you carry on with a cheerful life

4. [+94] Couldn’t care less ^^

5. [+17] F*ck, nobody cares

6. [+15] The EXO title… if it’s not too much trouble, forget about it?

7. [+15] I get that he’s an artist… in any case, he’s assuming liability for his activities, I don’t actually see how he was treated wrong? I don’t comprehend the disdain ㅠㅠㅠ

8. [+35] From ‘my I-dol’ to ‘my I-dool’ (I-dool = two youngsters)

9. [+7] How prolific of them

10. [+1] Goodness, congratulations~^^ The father of two, However who is Chen? Since there is no such name in EXO…

Source: Instagram


1. [+621] I-dool

2. [+247] He’s not an I-dol but rather an I-dool

3. [+169] Amazing, they’re very rich

4. [+147] What a nationalist.. ??

5. [+26] Jongdae’s so bustling all by his forlorn

6. [+14] .. I have a ton to say yet won’t say it

7. [+3] An I-dool who doesn’t give a poo about any song

8. [+4] First birth was during enrollment, the second birth is during administration… he’s very occupied, isn’t he

9. [+25] Loyalist dol

10. [+21] He’s truly making a strike for himself in artist history… or on the other hand would that be two strikes since their pregnancies, get it?

Source: Instagram

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