Sojang criticizes Starship's claims as being too difficult

Article: [Exclusive] Jang Wonyoung said, “Sojang is saying that 100 million won for damages is too much… we will pursue the suit until the end”

Source: Chosun Games by Nate

[+37, -3] I support Jang Wonyoung. FIVE costs!

[+17, -3] Kicking all those lies because of his own feelings of anger and jealousy. Now it's put in a hole like this. I hope it looks good to hate this issue. Everything you hate on the internet doesn't change the fact that these idols are still loved by their fans and your life is in the trash.

[+10, -6] Is he really a 46 or 48 year old ajumma?

– [+3, -1] It was revealed in court that he was an '88er

– [+3, -0] Korean woman in her thirties

– [+3, -0] He's an '88er

[+4, -0] It's so boring like him… women hate women

Source: YouTube

[+560] Starship has set a precedent so it's time for other companies to follow suit.

[+961] I hope all the ways YouTube makes stories about someone's pregnancy, divorce, death, and everything else come together

[+271] Oh, he'll need more financial punishment than that

[+351] Jang Wonyoung isn't the only one who has Sojang in trouble, so I hope more idols follow.

[+102] Good job Starship ?

[+234] I hope this makes an example and other methods can also be charged.

[+210] There are still many YouTubers who are making stories and publishing them. They should all be ready for a lawsuit as soon as possible.

[+50] Starship lawyers your fighters ?

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