Kim Ji-won revealed that she strictly managed her weight for a year for her new drama.

article: Kim Ji-won, “Taking care of my appearance… fasting on Chinese food for a year”

source: X Sports News via Nate

[+72, -4] She is one of the celebrities that I think is very pretty. Great actress, no scandals, she seems to be good at everything she appears in.

[+54, -5] You're so pretty. I don't understand how someone can be this pretty. Jiwon, you're the best.

[+26, -3] She has become much prettier lately. She had no idea before watching her drama, she was in awe

[+22, -3] Not only is she pretty, she's also good at acting.

[+17, -3] So pretty…

[+4, -1] I like the way she pronounces everything and her English was good too.

[+4, -0] Beauty is at its peak these days.

[+3, -0] Because she is a natural beauty, it is easy on the eyes.

[+3, -0] Natural beauty is the best

[+3, -0] I saw that I lost more weight after ‘My Liberation Notebook’. The older she gets, the more beautiful she becomes.

[+0, -0] I've thought that way since 'The Heirs', and I can see a little bit of Kim Tae-hee in him. It's about the area around your mouth and your teeth.

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