[INSTIZ] All worlds collide… Blackpink Jennie to appear in "my name is gabriel"

[INSTIZ] All worlds collide... <a href=Blackpink Jennie to appear in "my name is gabriel"

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Blackpink Jennie meets PD Kim Tae-ho.
As a result of Star News' exclusive coverage on the 11th, it was confirmed that Jenny will appear in PD Kim Tae-ho's new entertainment show 'My Name is Gabrielle'.

'My Name is Gabriel' is a variety show similar to the special segment 'The Lives of Others' that was shown on MBC's 'Infinite Challenge' in the past, and is a program in which the cast goes on an overseas trip and experiences the life of Gabriel. Non-celebrity. Currently, Park Myung-soo, Yeom Hye-ran, Hong Jin-kyung, and Ji Chang-wook have confirmed their appearances.
‘My Name is Gabriel’ is the first meeting between Jenny and producer Kim Tae-ho. Previously, Jenny sent a love call to producer Kim Tae-ho last year. When Jennie's close friend from the entertainment industry, model Shin Hyeon-ji, appeared on the YouTube content 'Salon Drip' founded by producer Kim Tae-ho, she left a message asking, “When should I invite her?”

Jenny began her entertainment career through SBS' 'Village Survival' in 2018, and began appearing as a regular on entertainment shows for the first time in about six years through tvN's 'Apartment 404', which began airing for the first time last month. .
Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

All worlds collide…Blackpink Jennie appears in 'My Name is Gabrielle'

1. Huh? Jenny is working hard in entertainment.

2. Myungsu Soo and Jinkyung Hong will attend.
3. Wow, this time I’m doing it with Myungsoo hahahahaha

4. Awesome
5. Ji Chang-wook?!?!?!?? I remember when he appeared on Running Man in the past, he said that he wanted to appear on more entertainment shows, but that it was a pity, and that he meant it.
6. Jenny is working really hard.
7. Ah, Park Myung-soo…? So Myung-soo finally gets to work with producer Kim Tae-ho… ㅠㅠ

8. It’s so nice to see Jenny working hard, and she’s so cute.

9. Ji Chang-wook?
10. Who knew that her leaving YG would be this good?
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