[THEQOO] Le Seraphim, album sales decrease by 23%… Is it because of female fans?

According to an analysis by a securities company, sales of Hive's new album decreased due to a decrease in female fans.

According to Daishin Securities on the 21st, Le Seraphim's album sales on the first day were 780,000 copies, a 23% decrease compared to the previous album's 1.02 million copies.

The cause of the decline was the loss of female fans. He continued, “The reasons for the decline in album sales are complex, but it seems that the departure of some domestic female fans and the seasonal nature of the first quarter, where fans' purchasing power is weak, played a role.” Jin, a researcher at Daishin Securities.

In the entertainment industry, female fans are generally known to have higher loyalty and purchasing power than male fans.

In fact, according to Lim, the proportion of male fans who attended the showcase on the 19th increased from half to 70-80%.

Moreover, the consumption patterns of overseas fans are different from those of domestic fans. Le Seraphim's overseas fans are mostly made up of Hong Kong, China, Japan, and a few Southeast Asian fans, and they do not purchase music as competitively as domestic fans.

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Le Seraphim, album sales decrease by 23%… Is it because of female fans?

1. I think sales inflation in the entire idol industry has just ended…
2. Why do we require low sales rates from women?

3. No, but why do reporters only have one day to write an article?;;;;;;;

4. Since the article is so ridiculous, let me explain.
5. Why do people always criticize women?

6. Male idols are also seeing a decline in sales, but who cares?

7. Are people making such a fuss because bulk purchases from China are decreasing?

8. Make a fuss

9. Everyone is experiencing a decline in sales today. The K-pop market is declining.

10. Le Seraphim, go for it
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