2022 Beijing Olympics men’s figure skating dump

Cha Joohwan


Song Kang, Han Sohee


1. That’s true.

2. Ah, right!

3. Wow greatness…

4. He looks exactly like them, but it’s not true.

5. Ah fucking, I read Song Kang as Song Kang Ho.

6. Hul… he is the Han Sohee male… prince-nim

7. I can see what you mean by the image of them together.

8. I was like, “huh?” But I eventually agreed.

9. Wow, agree with it.

10. Here it’s!



Hanyu, who saig “annyeong” to Joohwan both are so adorable

Hanyu is an ’94 Liner, and Joohwan a 01 Liner

They are separated by 7 years!

Both are adorable.

1. Annyeong~

2. Cute! I love it when athletes are close to each other.

3. What are these handsome men doing together?

4. Too hot.

5. He must have been thrilled when his mouth corners rose.

6. Hanyu’s voice sounds so cute!

7. Annyeong, why is he so adorable?

8. Both are so cozy

9. Annyeong so cute

10. Too cute is his annyeong pronunciation


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