[THEQOO] Le Sserafim Showcase Photos


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fountain: Theku / translation: kpopnetizen
Article: Le Sserafim showcase photos.
1. Your stylist is….
2. Why am I so restless when I can’t even show my panties?
3. What’s happening to the stylists….
4. Why is there only one person in costume?
5. What are these clothes? LOL It’s so weird.
6. Chaewon’s outfit suits you best
7. No, but why does Heo Yunjin always wear clothes?… The other members look good, but why is Heo Yunjin the only one who looks unfair?
8. The outfits are all a bit… the faces are all pretty.
9. Your company is crazy. Why are you doing this to Heo Yunjin?
10. I was surprised to see Heo Yun-jin’s outfit hahahaha.
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