Hollywood: Kanye

Article: The famous couple walks in a transparent skirt

Source: Understanding through Instagram

[+317] Meanwhile, the whole thing is covered

[+119] Shouldn't someone save this woman?? These are all pictures that he will regret later in life.

– [+2] And yet the money must be too good

[+183] That last picture is like a 6-year-old kid who got up naked from a throwaway house because he was in trouble…

[+84] She must be gaslit or something – there is no happiness in her face at all

[+13] There is, I think, the fortune of marrying. She will still come out in the end.

[+21] So nobody takes you for a walk like in other countries…?

[+26] So what is this mental illness?? Why is he covered, unless his wife is exposed to all?

[+18] What's wrong with them…?

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