Ryu Jun-yeol's environmental movement calls out greenwashing

article: Ryu Jun-yeol's 'greenwashing' controversy… Criticism of “He likes golf but claims to be a climate activist”

source: TV report through Nate

[+434, -6] People are soon going to dig up all the profits from real estate sales haha.

[+315, -10] I've definitely lost my roots since the 'Reply' audition lol. People hate everything I'm doing now..

[+126, -11] Polar Bear: I asked him to go out and protect the Earth instead of going on a date ㅜㅜ

[+66, -5] I'm one of those guys who doesn't do what he's told.

[+42, -2] I was always annoyed by the manager who said he was considerate of the environment by carrying reusable cutlery, but had the manager wash the dishes for him, changed my phone case while refusing to use plastic bags, and frequently bought me new clothes… People make a profit. It is despicable to use this method of buying and selling buildings for profit. He speaks and acts very differently.

[+40, -0] Polar Bear: This is fun

[+34, -0] I thought it was funny when he carried around reusable cutlery “for the environment” and then asked the manager to wash them all.

[+18, -0] Oh… everything has collapsed

[+15, -1] It's so fucking ugly haha

[+12, -0] Golf is a cancer on society and bad for the environment. Even golfers can't stand it.

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