[INSTIZ] The actual visuals of Liz from IVE are truly amazing

His features are very strong.

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: IVE The visuals of Liz in person are fucking amazing.

1. The moment I see that person’s face, I am shocked.
2. Is it real? She's so pretty she doesn't even look human.
3. Wow, it’s really so pretty…
4. No, but his features are great… you can see them all over his face.
5. Wow… it matches the style so well and the face makes no sense.
6. She's totally a doll.
7. Seriously, I gasped when I saw this on Twitter.

8. Isn’t this edited…?
9. I saw the concert video and it looks really pretty.
10. Liz’s time has come
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