Hyuna faced the awkwardness of going public with Yong Junhyung


Article: Negative response to Hyuna’s public relationship with Yong Junhyung, “How can Goo Hara’s friend do this?”

Source: Seoul Games via Nate

[+118, -7] It’s hard for Hyuna to be happy no matter what she does

[+57, -93] Just leave him alone, whether he’s dating or not, who cares? It’s not like Yong Junhyung is the outsider who made brutal attacks like Jung Junyoung.

[+41, -15] Please don’t bring Goo Hara into this… Yong Junhyung’s case is that he is a member of Burning Sun, he has nothing to do with this.

[+7, -0] As for Hul, she didn’t know that she was dating her friend’s friend

[+5, -1] I also think that singers should not accept Yong Junhyung’s songs. Why do you contribute to the income of people like him?

[+3, -1] I’m always “whatever” about anything Hyuna does because she seems like a free spirit.. but this is… psychopathic

Article: Jo Kwon denies breaking ties with Hyuna because of Yong Junhyung’s relationship “We are close, it has nothing to do with following each other”

Source: X Sports News via Nate

[+46, -0] Sometimes there are people you are close to but you can’t stand the kind of things they post on their feed and how they are online…maybe Jo Kwon feels the same way about to Hyuna’s feed

[+44, -0] If you are still “close”, why did you unfollow him????

[+13, -0] Maybe he doesn’t care about Yong Junhyung’s photos going up in his feed from now on…

[+10, -1] Jo Kwon should have kept calm, he knew what Hyuna was going through right now

[+6, -1] You don’t just “preach” someone for no reason, he feels something about himself.

Article: [Exclusive] Hyuna and Yong Junhyung saw each other on their way back from LA… right after they went ‘public’.

Source: SpoTV News via Nate

[+106, -2] Don’t worry about their news anymore… just surprised that Yong Junhyung is out without a thought

[+41, -0] I hope to get married and have a son like him ㅎㅎ

[+37, -0] I see Hyuna differently..

[+22, -0] I try not to hate female celebrities but it’s just wrong. How can you decide to go into a relationship with a guy like him ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t understand. As another comment said, I see him differently now… and if he decides to stay in this relationship, I hope we don’t have to see him again ㅋㅋ it’s true that his humiliation happened not during their relationship but before that, years ago… why is it now involved?

[+19, -0] I have a feeling they’re going to break

[+4, -0] Birds of a feather…but why did everyone give up on Zico when he’s a fan of Jung Junyoung’s golden phone?

[+3, -0] She definitely has her style… Dawn has the same style as Yong Junhyung…

[+2, -0] Hyuna falls into every woman’s trap… “I can change her”

[+2, -0] Dawn has better looks and personality ㅜㅜ she and Dawn were so good.. but what happened to Hyuna’s lips

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