After 4 years, Big Bang is back

1. Except for GD and Taeyang you all go back.

2. Ah. It’s time for me to indulge in some ear candy.

3. They are choosing to bury the past. Why are they so gentle with themselves? The song makes me feel like I am being brainwashed into thinking that everything should be buried. Their crimes are too large for their talent.

4. All that you have to do is not be buried.

5. TOP kept saying “Dokdo” this and that, but I realized he was actually saying “deowook deo”.

6. They are legends for setting a new user count record this year.

7. Stop complaining if you are so insane.

8. Fourth time in a row, first comeback and still number one.

9. TOP oppa’s lyrics have such sad lyrics.

10. It reminded me of the times I used to listen ‘Lies’ or ‘Haru Haru, which made me feel so sad.

11. All of it? They think that you can just bury it and it will go away. This group used to be something I liked, but now it’s making me uncomfortable.

12. They are still as powerful as ever. K-Pop’s best.

13. We are grateful for your return.

14. They are still very attractive. Do you guys feel any shame?

15. As expected. They can take all the hate, but their songs remain amazing.

16. I thought TOP was done being a singer.

17. It is amazing to see people who hold others to high standards, but then suddenly relax when it comes to their bias groups.

18. They are too gifted to be wasted.

19. Only Taeyang is my support.

20. They must have been so trouble! Yet, their songs still sound great!


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