[PANN] Hul, since when did Jennie go to the US?

Jennie posted it on her IG story and deleted it.

LA Chalice recording studio

It seems he went there to work in the studio.
For reference, James refers to the singer and songwriter who has worked with Drake, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Beyonce, Rihanna, Cruno Mars, etc.

(and is in the same place as Jennie right now)

Something big is coming for Jennie

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Article: Hul, since when did Jennie go to the US?

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So it's true that YG just sucked at working and were so crazy about money that they only sent them on tours. The moment she opened her label, she started promoting, you can see how fast she is and how much she wanted to. promote

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Honestly, the fact that Teddy is no longer there means that you will now be able to listen to a variety of new songs.

3. [+16, -2]
It is true that Teddy gave many good songs to Blackpink, but it would be a waste to monopolize him, she will be able to be a top star in the United States with the amount of popularity she has.

4. [+8, -0]
I hope Jennie hits daebak in 2024 both domestically and in the US! I want to see her a lot abroad.

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I hope it comes out before summer.
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