[THEQOO] Actor J, school violence assault "If I don't give her my gym clothes she'll call me a crazy bitch."… company "Statement preparation"

Following actor Song Ha-yoon, actor J was also accused of school violence (bullying).
Recently, an informant's post with the title 'J' bullying' and the actor's real name was posted on Blind, an online community for office workers.

The writer said, “I was so angry that a lot of J ads came out these days, so I looked up the article and saw that if there is a controversy over school violence, it will be deleted immediately. It doesn't look like it will be deleted anytime soon… “Blind.”
“We went to high school together. We went to school in Yeongdeungpo until the beginning of our second year of high school, and then we went to study abroad.” “We stole or took gym uniforms, school uniforms, etc., and if we didn’t give them to us, we became targets of swearing and bullying. One time, I went to school without my gym uniform, and I was scolded for not giving it to me.” She then said, “I went to the bathroom and kicked her door. I was scared so I stayed quiet and told her to come out.”

He continued, “Victims are continuously posting and agreeing, but the company is deleting them at lightning speed.”
author he added: “Maybe it's something they want to hide because it's true. Every time I see Jay's face, I think about it and I'm so angry that I can't do anything more, so I'm gathering the courage to post this.”
In response to this, Mr. J's agency told Star Today on the 4th, “We are currently sorting out our position. We will contact you after sorting things out.”
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Actor J, assaulted by school violence, “If you don't give me a gym uniform, I'll call you crazy”… Company “preparing statement”

1.It’s finally come out

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3. We cannot allow bullying to succeed. As role models, what should we learn from them?
5. Do blinds still exist? curious..
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