Lady Jane and Im Hyun Tae tied the knot after 7 years of dating

Article: Lady Jane marries Im Hyun Tae after 7 years of dating

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+315] We are expected when it comes to marriage

[+144] This is why celebrity gossip is so dangerous… Simon D has been divorced for a long time but people still mention his name in every story about him.
– [+5] Besides, Lady Jane is not famous for anything else

[+75] They look good together. They will have a happy life.

[+61] He is 10 years older than her?? It doesn’t look like that at all~~

[+26] He is the type to go into relationships for a long time, congratulations

[+25] Male or female, the 10-year age gap really surprises me… She was 10 when she was 20…

[+17] He used to be a member of Bigflo… and the second member married an older woman 10 years apart.

[+15] Why his ex should not be mentioned in comments ?

[+15] They have the same smile ㅋㅋㅋ as the saying goes, if the bottom half of your face is the same, you should

[+14] Cheers…!

[+9] They look great together!

[+-] Expect a fire song from Simon D soon… sigh…

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