Kim Sae-ron's side said in an official statement, “We have no position.”

article: Kim Sae-ron finally opened up about the scandal with Kim Soo-hyun.

source: Insight + Insight through Instagram

[+2,338] So, he stated that his remarks were 'no comment';; Haha what is that?

[+1,233] If this happens, Won Bin will have to write an apology instead.

[+929] Dating, dating, or not dating…what she did is still wrong for her

[+859] Get off our screens forever. She still refuses to apologize for causing an unnecessary scandal to someone who has just worked on her own drama.

[+566] It seems like the behavior of an immature child who wants to brag about being close to the hottest guy on the news.

[+426] “No comment” hahahahahaha I lost the plot.

[+315] In fact, the worst thing is to endure it even after leaving a vague 'no comment' position as if you have more to say.

[+325] I need to quit drinking lol

[+224] It hurts so much that she keeps her name associated with the scheme now that her career has been ruined by the drunk driving scandal.

[+204] So the official position is that there is actually no official position??!!

[+455] She has so much time on her hands that she causes scandals and makes official statements…

[+252] I mean, she really has nothing to say about this so she has nothing to say ????????

[+172] That thirst for attention that makes you want to let everyone know that you're friends with this guy in the hottest drama right now haha.

[+96] She's exercising her public rights till the end

[+96] There seems to be no thought behind those eyes

[+45] Don't pay attention to her. That's the only solution ????????

source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+933] Imagine living like this even after Won Bin went through all the trouble to save you.

[+330] She had no intention other than to brag about how close they used to be.

[+295] Yeah, I thought I wouldn't have anything to say… Let's not settle for the past and think about the future, Saeron ????

[+137] Why is it so desperate to get attention ㅠㅠㅠ

[+145] I only do things I regret lol. I should just start without doing anything.

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