[PANN] Irene still hasn't deleted her apology

His IG was like this
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Article: Irene still hasn't deleted her apology.

One. [+133, -9]
Oh, you have a really honest personality. You seem really professional and sensitive, but I think that's a good thing.
2. [+125, -3]
Especially male idols often delete their apologies after some time has passed, or they simply post an apology on their stories.
three. [+106, -10]
You guys don't care about her, but if you did, you would know that Irene actually apologized three times. I hope you saw how her behavior changed after she apologized and stopped insulting.
4. [+90, -5]
It's impressive that you haven't deleted anything, it's normal to delete everything over time.
5. [+45, -5]
It's honestly nice to see her really putting some thought into it.
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