[PANN] Kim Sae-ron and Kim Soo-hyun's photo is from 2019.

His head was the same as it was then.
And Kim Soo-hyun’s aura? I don't think it's a recent image because it's different from the current aura.

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Source: board / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Kim Sae-ron and Kim Soo-hyun photos are from 2019.

One. [+111, -2]
I may not have been interested in Kim Sae-ron, but it is definitely not a recent photo of Kim Soo-hyun.
2. [+89, -1]
Kim Yong-ho revealed in his post in 2021 that the two had dated in the past, so you can take this as the source of truth.
three. [+55, -51]
If this was 2019… it would have been when I was dating my ex-boyfriend haha. It's a mess.
4. [+53, -28]
If it's 2019, would it have been 5 years ago, when we started dating when we were 20? I thought she was an adult, but she's 30 and 20 years old. 42 years old and 30 years old are different.
5. [+45, -0]

Wasn’t this photo taken before the controversy?… It looks that way. Maybe around 2022?
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