Park Yoochun's appearance at a Japanese dinner show shocks netizens

Article: Park Yoochun, weight gain and aging 'onset'… shopping lunch show Japanese

Source: X Sports News via Nate

[+68, -1] I never thought this is how Micky Yoochun would end up in 20 years

[+28, -0] I still can't believe that guy doesn't have fans

[+15, -0] He is so ugly

[+13, -27] Seeing how he's gained weight when he's usually thin, he's missing drugs for good, right? I hope he is thinking about his life and working hard to move forward…

[+9, -0] I was such a fan

[+1, -0] I wonder if he feels anything about Changmin getting married and also having his own family now

[+1, -1] Your life is what you make of it so I don't feel bad for it, but I do feel a little sad because of the memory of the past. I hope you want to live a common life.

[+0, -0] I seriously thought he had nothing but success ahead of him after 'Rooftop Prince', who knew this was going to happen in 10 years.

[+0, -0] Seungri just has to go out into the world and shows interviews sharing stories of their time in prison together.

[+0, -0] I wonder if he was living an ordinary life now, if he had never become a celebrity, what a disgrace

[+0, -0] It still works, at least it's there

[+0, -0] Compared to the debut, like wow…

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