[PANN] IVE fall trainee photo

Damn she's pretty… Autumn looks amazing with black hair.

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Post: IVE autumn trainee photo
One. [+70, -15]
What's interesting about her is that she actually has an incredibly pretty face, but there's something ugly about her… and I wonder why.

2. [+26, -7]
In my opinion, he is the second idol to debut (1st place is a secret)

three. [+15, -3]
There are no frontal photos other than a photo of the bridge of the nose. Additionally, wavy hair gives her a 'pretty girl' image, but she doesn't look like a celebrity.

4. [+3, 0]
She has the image of a ‘celebrity’s daughter’. As long as she's pretty, she's the kind of person who would appear on TV.

5. [+3, 0]
She was pretty when she was a trainee, but black hair doesn't suit her, and other colors seem to suit her better.
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