[THEQOO] Han Sohee Instagram update

“Only flowery paths will unfold from now on.”

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Written by: Han Sohee Instagram update.

1. Maybe it's because he's already appeared in a lot of articles, but right now I'm thinking of Ryu Jun-yeol.
2. I think things have changed a lot now. After all, image is important for celebrities.
3. She is really pretty, but sad and funny. Celebrity images are all illusions
4. I don’t find him attractive anymore.

5. Hahahahahahahahaha

6. No, but lol, don’t you even know the concept of reflection? Will I die if I don't use IG for more than a few days? lol
7. This is fun
8. Why would you reflect…? Are there any problems using IG?

9. She is incredibly pretty

10. It takes time for someone to tell a joke.

11. Seriously hmm… yes… I've already seen the worst of that person lol…

12. It doesn’t look cool anymore because I post things like flower road lol.
13. I should have deleted that 'flower road' photo… but it's still so pretty.

14. Celebrity image Wow… so different.
15. Why did you think it was necessary to include a photo of ‘Flower Road’? lol
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