Loona fans confused by Chuu’s cancellation of Loona’s world tour because of scheduling conflicts

1. You will lose a member of your group if you continue to pull them out from activities like these.

2. I trust they won’t try to pressure her by taking her main activities away.

3. Blockberry… If you keep up the good work, I’ll turn you into Blueberry cheesecake

4. Blockberry.. What did you do with those schedules?

5. This is a big mistake

6. Is it because of health reasons that she is unable to attend? She looks great on “Shuu Can Do It”

7. Chuu is so in love and indebted to her fans that I feel like Chuu wouldn’t skip a world tour.

8. They need to treat Chuu well or their agency will end up with Loona in a difficult situation. Clear your mind… Chuu is what keeps Loona afloat. She is the only one who handles all the variety, CFs and modeling.

9. Chuu looked tired and tired during ‘Queendom ‘…. I don’t know if it was for pay or health reasons. I hope that this is resolved soon.

10. We don’t know enough to be certain so we won’t jump to any conclusions.

11. A few hours prior to this announcement, she was speaking on video with an international fan about her English studies and how she would “see you soon”. The announcement was made just 20 minutes before the ticketing opening, so international fans are already under menboong. The tickets have all been sold, but there are still dates available.

12. Agency! You better manage this right…


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