Choiza is getting married today

Article: ‘Dynamic Duo’ Choiza married the unpopular on the 9th

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+221] I just feel bad for the dead… For him to release a song like that while surrounded by all that controversy, it only served to push Sulli further into the pit. . He deserves to be angry all his life for himself.

[+54] It really shows that sadness is temporary. They all eventually move on and get married.

[+48] I can’t thank him enough because I remember Sulli

[+34] Now it turns out that he can keep his relationships quiet after…

[+6] If it’s not a witch hunt, then what is it?… Now that he’s married, just congratulate him.

[+3] His lucky bride, he will eat a lot of delicious food with him! I’m jealous!

[+2] This is it… Have a happy life…

[+2] From now on, please stop living s*x from your songs, you idiot

[+1] Well, the living must live…

[+-] He can’t even use the excuse that he is young and old when he is so determined to tell the world that he is sleeping with an idol. He’s been acting like that for thirty-odd years… why?

[+-] I wish you happiness, congratulations

[+-] Another reminder is that we have to meet some people for the wedding, not what we think… we want you to be happy.

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