[PANN] So Han Sohee is also in the community haha.

After enlarging the Dispatch photo,
She was seen looking at votes for her on Women's Generation (Daum Online Cafe).
Perhaps this wasn't the only thing he saw.

Q. Then who was Hyeri Shading?
– Of course, Ryu;;;; Is it worth talking about?
– Isn’t that Han So-hee? If not, can I shade both?

Q: That Instagram story
– Because it is not transit love, she is dating Ryu Hyun-jin.
– What kind of date are you having? “This is not transit love and she is not dating Liu.”

“Q: About confirming your relationship with R
– Wow, am I dreaming? ? I think I'm probably dreaming. What is this?
– Of course, young men and women can date! “I don't want to date R, but…”

Q: Previous statement from the company
– He clearly denies being in a romantic relationship with Ryuhan.
– What he says: We're dating, but he can't tell us.

Q: Hyeri’s story
-If anyone sees it, it looks like it's true haha.
– Are you just enjoying your vacation? Haha stop writing novels;”

Q. The last line of your Instagram story says, “I find it funny too.”
It's so fucking shocking, but why are they attacking Hyeri…?
– She was the one who got angry and reacted first. , what’s the deal?”

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Article: Sohan Sohee is also in the community haha

One. [+125, -16]
But why do people constantly upload Han So-hee's graduation photo even though it has nothing to do with it…? Publishing on your own takes hard work. I'm scared… haha
2. [+80, -54]
Your face looks completely different. One eyelid surgery and then braces and lip filler, right?
three. [+75, -39]
I didn't have much interest in Han So-hee until now, but this time I feel sorry for her. Stop it now. Why do they always spend their precious time on things that have nothing to do with them?
4. [+62, -14]
I don't know if you usually go to the community haha. This incident has become so big that it's natural that there's a reaction.
5. [+54, -16]
I'm looking for a lot of other celebrities too haha.
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