[PANN] Is ITZY's first week sale real? Have they gotten into a controversy?

Gray – Cake Album
Red – Untouchable Album

What the hell happened? Did they get into a controversy…?
Didn't this include any of the massive Chinese orders? Or are fans boycotting them?

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Article: Is ITZY's first week sale real? Have they gotten into a controversy?

1. [+99, -8]
This is not only happening with ITZY, as of this year, it is noticeable that buying albums went out of style.

2. [+83, -7]
Cake didn't even make the charts at first, but once they started promoting on music shows, the rankings started going up, but this time, even though they are promoting on music shows, they don't get any reaction. If you look at the ratings for the B-side tracks, you can see that the problem is fandom. Their song reached number 101 on the first day, so I don't think it's the general public that doesn't listen to them, it's clearly because the song isn't good that even the fans don't listen to it.

3. [+78, -8]
Girl groups' songs must be good, but their songs have been bad consecutively, of course, their rankings will also be bad.

4. [+51, -15]
I don't know anything about Mafia, but this time the company is definitely not to be blamed. All the members had MVs of B-side songs, and even had a countdown poster on Melon. On the day of return, they had a huge billboard in Melon announcing Dex's Fridge interview, Idol Human documentary, Wonder 1theKillPO, LeeMujin service, Eunchae's star diary, etc. All those web contents were deleted at once.

5. [+51, -15]
No matter how bad the song is, the fandom needs to broadcast it… They need to at least get them on the charts so that once they start promoting themselves on music shows, they can rise in the rankings… In my opinion, their hair, makeup, and stylist were all good and the title wasn't even that bad… So shouldn't the fans be working hard to try to get more across for them? I don't understand.

6. [+43, -4]
Their digital scores are even worse.
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