BLACKPINK Jennie enthralls netizens by revealing her new color of hair

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Instagram update, which includes new hairstyles.

1. BLACKPINK makes the return?

2. I really like the color of her hair I think it’s a good thing, because as we all know, Jennie is gorgeous and I love the first one.

3. She’s obviously gorgeous. But , I’m thinking that the hair color isn’t right for her..

4. Comeback? BLACKPINK is a must make an appearance.

5. I believe Jennie is the most beautiful with black hair.

6. It’s the hair color I’ve not seen before, which is why it’s so refreshing. What date will BLACKPINK make comeback?

7. Jennie Do you mind if I be looking forward to your return?

8. Oh I’m not convinced that this color would suit her.

9. It’s not a good fit for her well, so we suggest you look for a different shade.

10. I would like to hear about an album. I would like to hear the latest songs by BLACKPINK.



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