[THEQOO] IU's 6th mini album [the winning] conceptual photo #I_WIN

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Source: theqoo / Translation: KpopNetizen

Item: IU's 6th mini album [the winning] conceptual photo #I_WIN

1. Long frosty hair is very beautiful.

2. I finally realize that she is coming back.

3. Is this the first time we see IU with blonde hair??? It's the same shock I felt when I saw Jang Wonyoung with blonde hair.

4. Wow this daebak is so refreshing.

5. Her long icy hair is too pretty.

6. This quality is solid, she is very pretty.

7. Wow, fucking pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's the first time I see IU with this kind of concept… It's new.

8. Wow crazy… She's too pretty.

9. No, but why does it suit you so well…?

10. Crazy pretty… It's perfect for my phone background, I'll do it right away
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