Chanhee and Hwiyoung Posted a Letter to Apologize

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“Hello, this’s Chanhee.

Foremost and first, I apologize as I’ve made all of the hard work of those that are going through times that are difficult turn into vain because of the carelessness of mine.

Hwiyoung, another friend, and I went to a lounge bar at the end of operating hours at 1 AM to celebrate the birthday of mine. The moment we arrived we had been caught by the officers.
I’m certainly at fault for breaking quarantine policies.

I sincerely apologize to each of the fans that have backed me and relied on in me. I also apologize to the members of mine and the company staff members to whom I was not in a position to apologize since I felt very apologetic to cause them to worry. I am going to self-reflect that this’s what happened because of the negligence of mine and think and act very carefully so I don’t repeat exactly the same mistake again.

I feel very apologetic for writing to you due to bad incidents when everyone is going through times that are hard. I am going to accept any reprimanding about the wrongdoings of mine and I’m again sorry for causing dissatisfaction.

I am going to put forth more effort so I don’t bring embarrassment to the adore that my supporters grant me.
Once more, I greatly apologize.”

“Hello, this’s Hwiyoung.

I went to a lounge bar with another friend at one AM at the end of operating hours to celebrate Chani’s birthday and we had been caught by the officers the moment we arrived.
We were not able to expose this truth to the members as well as the company and so we’re apologizing so late. I’m sorry.

I’m embarrassed I was being complacent while everybody is setting forth the effort for everyone ‘s health.
I’m really sorry to everybody who cherishes me and I am going to self-reflect on the wrongdoings of mine without giving any excuse.

I’m sorry to the countless fans who support me, the members of mine, and the company employees for disappointing them.
I’ll deeply self reflect as I wasn’t capable to set the proper model as a public figure.
I am going to act more sensibly from now on.

Once more, I truly apologize.”


1. Huh? The report stated they had been there ever after the nighttime before and were only captured at dawn today though. Take a look at them bullsh*tting about being captured “as soon when they arrived”ㅋㅋ

2. After they arrived..?? Their written text do not fit with the news’

The 2 are mentioned to have claimed in a authorities searching which they were celebrating Chanhee’s birthday party after the nighttime before.

3. They’re saying they had been with another friend and they had been caught right away.. Is like the company made sure their words combine in the letters of theirs

4. That is obviously the door to the bar where authorities captured them

5. They’re simply lying to the individuals that were seeking an apology post. Really, they should look at us as f*cking pigs

6. Considering exactly how the 2 of them are insisting on the “got captured right away”, looks as they’re attempting to appeal to us saying “we did go there but we did not fool around”…


1. They f*cking unsuccessful at raising these kidsㅠ

2. Men had been the issue, f*ck

3. Scandal brothers

4. Just the daughters had been raised up well

5. Jo Byeonggyu should not be here

6. Were Jo Byeonggyu’s rumors real? I believed they had been false


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