Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee were spotted together in Hawaii. He refused to respond to the dating rumors.

article: Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee on vacation to Hawaii? “Was it for work…I do not answer questions about my personal life.”

source: Nate + News via Nate 1

[+109, -8] They say he moved on quickly after breaking up with Hyeri, but that's too obvious, but I hope that's not the case.

[+92, -12] Anyway~ Han So-hee is so stupid these days that I don't even care… Ryu Jun-yeol doesn't care either haha.

[+75] That guy is a hypocrite… he always said he wouldn't spend money on buying a building until he was very successful and now he's one of the biggest real estate investors lol.

[+60, -9] Hyeri wasted so much time on this crap just to move on right after he dumped her.

[+44, -8] The charm of that person who consistently attracts beautiful women…

[+42, -0] Are they intentionally spreading rumors to promote their new drama?

[+30, -4] So did that person throw Deoksun aside?

[+22, -6] Poor Deoksun ㅜㅜ You idiot…

[+18, -4] The news of Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol's breakup was made public quite late. It's already been almost a year since they broke up.

[+17, -1] Haha, I believe in physiognomy, but something about the face bothers me..

[+13, -1] I hate it when people are as ugly as Yoo Hae-jin and yet act like they're Won Bin's level.

[+8, -0] I hope everyone leaves out Hyeri’s name..

[+6, -0] Yes, we wanted your happiness, but not to this extent…

[+5, -1] What appeal does this ugly thing have to you? I feel like I've been pranked

[+5, -0] If it's true, I forgot about him… he's so inconsiderate.

[+4, -0] He's so fucking ugly… What charm do people see in him?

[+4, -0] Han So-hee has eyes, so I want to date that person.

[+3, -0] Women, please raise your standards…

[+3, -1] Hyeri, next time, date someone handsome and don’t do charity work like this.

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