Is actually My Life As being a thirty one Years Old Pathetic?

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Is actually My Life As being a thirty one Years Old Pathetic?

I am going to be a thirty one y.o female this year..
I am a freelancer so I work at home a lot
I live solely with my dogs..

Above me is my unnie that went to some prestigious faculty and is an office worker with a huge business She got married and also obtained a kid and it is currently thirty three y.o. She is both doing childcare and likely to have the company of her.

But since I turned thirty one this yr, the parents of mine and also family have began to see me as a bit of bit pathetic which often worries me..

To begin with, it has been four years since I’d a boyfriend
I’ve way too many activities to do at home so doing things by yourself in my house is what is very comfortable as well as enjoyable to me..

I’ve the puppies of mine (two of them) so I never ever feel alone
I love Crayon Shin Chan and Atashin’chi so I will enjoy them on my big Tv while laying on my sofa each day and I like it…

When it is afternoon, I will go over a stroll with the dogs of mine
I often work at night (from home) So I just work then… I simply live normally love this

I do not really have ideas about dating or even marriage..
I thought that i at least needed a home so I purchased one after investing all the soul of mine into it.. Though the parents of mine will say things as “you could have fun with your life right now but you will not later on so try searching for love a bit.”

They nag me thinking that as you age, the opportunities of yours thus far get smaller Maybe they’re correct?
Do I’ve to push myself to meet someone? ㅠ

I am so annoyed at the way my family perspectives me inside a pathetic way ㅠ
They point out I am just working and also reading mangas at home everyday

1. [+84, -2]
You are not pathetic in any way! You are enjoying the life of yours by yourself and are satisfied and so should not that be all that is important? I think that the reality that you are pleased with your life is enough

2. [+57, -2]
in case you have thoughts on marriage, then I’d suggest you to work towards it, however, if you highly desire to remain unmarried, do not care about it. But feel free to replace your night work schedule.. Working at night is really unhealthy

3. [+42, -2]
Be sure to get a great deal of insurance.. you will not be troubled if you get sick.. I think that getting a great deal of pension funds are actually better compared to kids… when your folks point out that you will have a tough time later in daily life, let them know “then can i care for my unnie’s children when she is old?”. Tell them that they should not care about your future



1. I am f*cking jealous

2. She’s a home and 2 dogs and she can make enough to increase them both so what is pathetic about her life?. ㅠㅠ I am very jealous

3. She gets her job done so what is there to pity..?

4. She looks like f*cking happy

5. She earns enough to eat and live. She’s a house and two dogs. Instead, that is an enviable life

6. First of all, the point she is able to comfortably raise her two dogs would mean that she is following the godly life…

7. She is following the godly life. Let us keep in mind you are able to live your happiest life unmarried too

8. So awesome, she actually includes a house

9. I am jealous, she seems very free

10. In case she trying to brag about her godly life?? ㅠㅠ I am jealous


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