[PANN] It's funny that Han Sohee became like this hahahahaha

It's just fun hahahaha

It's been less than a day since he posted an angry Instagram story.
She confirmed their relationship on her blog.
And the comments section was on fire.
But she decided to respond to each comment.
And he eventually suffered a mental breakdown.
So she deleted the post from her blog.
The epitome of true crystal mentality haha.

She could have left the blog post there and disappeared.
But suddenly the post was deleted haha.
The fire has been lit again haha.

Please go back to the past…
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Article: It's funny that Han Sohee became like this hahahaha

One. [+46, -12]
No, but because he was wrongfully accused and took the oath. Is it worth bitching about what he did for days…? It's true that her insta stories were disappointing, but she suddenly became their traffic girl overnight and they hurled a lot of insults at her and continued to insult her afterwards. Anyone would have suffered a mental breakdown and felt the need to defend themselves. Of course, I think it would be better if I stayed still, but I also understand Han’s position.
2. [+38, -11]
I don't even like it, but it's very trendy on community sites in my country. It's as if everyone is waiting for their chance to attack someone, causing drama over even the smallest things. If you make a mistake, everyone will be quick to tell you that you did something terrible, that you're in big trouble, and that you're on a downward spiral. They work like crazy, fooling everyone. But to those of us watching from the sidelines, it just looks like a hate fest. Right now, if people passing by point at me or laugh at me, I would think about it all day and get angry, but if hundreds of people heard it at once, anyone would be heartbroken. But “I deserve it.” As criticism pours in saying, “I’m in a state of mental breakdown,” the second attack begins. Through this process, the person being criticized goes crazy as soon as he is criticized, and the more he is criticized, the more lost, damaged, and exhausted he becomes. It's like an endless loop and Nate Pann's current status is not only for her, but for her celebrity status in general. We seem to be living in a generation of hate.
three, [+26, -9]
I honestly don't know~ Is this incident really worthy of such outrageous hate…? LOL Han So-hee had no choice but to feed the trolls and kept fighting, but it wasn't without reason. To fight back. Anyone know it very well
4. [+26, -15]

“- I feel like I'm changing my KakaoTalk profile 3 times a day haha.
– From now on, I will be leaving comments on Pann.”
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