Dr. Romantic’ season 3 finale


Article: ‘Final decision’ Dr. Romantic, happy ending… hope for season 4 above in the classic flashback.

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+444] Seeing the background image of Seo Hyun Jin-nim makes me think that the author is planning another season in the works… It really needs to be continued , especially with Seo Hyun Jin.

[+186] It’s true that viewership ratings are lower than they were, but if we can get Doldaggers seasons 1-3 together, then viewers will have a chance to come back. eat it up. I’m sure the director of the fourth season had plans by their decision to include Yoon Seo Jung as a special appearance.

[+109] Why I think we need a fourth season: Kim Sa Boo says she has a new dream, and when Soo ssaem asks what it is, she says it’s not fun to spoil. Since we don’t know what that dream is, I think it will be a successful ‘rough stone’ that can go on without Kim Sa Boo. Meanwhile, Kim Sa Boo is still around, and the team can’t do without his leader. To change that, Yoon Seo Jung is brought in as the head of Doldam hospital along with Kang Dong Joo in the crisis center to create a new system that can exist without Kim Sa Boo. This will make his dream come true. To achieve that, we need a fourth season.

[+80] Hmm… the audience rating wasn’t as high as I thought it would be so I don’t know if the series can continue.

[+71] I like Eunjae and Woojin but the name Euntak is better

[+19] I was hoping it wouldn’t end because it was so good ㅜ so sad it’s over now…

[+12] To everyone who complains about viewership trends, I want to tell you to go look at Nielsen’s weekly ratings. It’s rare to get a dollar even 10% these days. Many families do not have TVs, and many have started watching new series on Netflix and other media. I believe many people ask you “where do you watch your dramas?” it will be called an OTT platform.

[+13] We definitely need a fourth season

[+6] If season 4 is going to be all about Yoon Seo Jung, Kang Dong Joo, Cha Eun Jae, and Seo Woo Jin together, it will be fun to watch, but I’ll be honest… season 3 it was great. interesting and confusing, although I’ll admit I didn’t get all the parts when they came out. Season 4 will be even better if all the OG members are reunited.

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