Marriage Details of People Born in 1988

“Are individuals born in 1988 married or not?”
Men: Married – 27.1 %, Not married – 72.9%
Women: Married – 47.9 %, Not married 52.1%

“Do the married individuals born in 1988 have children?”
One child – 39.3%
Two children – 19.5%
Three children and much more – 2.6%
No children – 38.6%”

1. I am a 1988 liner and unmarried

2. 1987 liner here and unmarried

3. I am born in 1989 and unmarried. Only one from my three friends got married and married extremely early. The others that are unmarried do not have ideas about marriage either

4. I am born in 1988 and unmarried. I’ve 20 friends that are married and three who are n’t

5. The comments and survey are unexpected.. I am additionally born in’ 88 and apart from me, everyone close to me got married. It is very hard for me to meet individuals that aren’t married but considering just how many unmarried individuals are internet is interesting

6. I am additionally born in’ 1988 and unmarried!

7. I am born in 1988 and one half of the friends of mine are married as well as the other half are n’t

8. Born in 1988 plus unmarried.. :)… There is nobody I wanna get hitched to and I do not have ideas about marriage either

9. I am a celibate born in’ eighty nine and I’ve absolutely no views on marriage. There are seriously a large amount of individuals in their 40 ‘s that are not married

10. Born in 1988 & unmarried. I will not be getting married

11. The fiance of mine is born in’ 1988 and apart from him, everybody else isn’t married


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