[THEQOO] Choose the biggest visual in JYP history

Jiyoon Park

Sohee Ahn



Min Hyo-rin



Shin Ye-eun

And one

snowy wheel

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Pick the biggest visuals in JYP history.

1. The real Suzy…
2. Suzy and Tzuyu
3. Suzy, I personally like Mina, but I like a man who is innocent yet elegant.
4. Shin Ye-eun won by 1 mile. It's just Shin Ye-eun
5. Wow, the lineup is so luxurious. I thought Jiwoo was an ordinary beauty, but why isn't she there?

6. Other than Chaeyoung, there is no Sohee, Fei, or her.
8. I’ll go with 3: Suzy, Tzuyu, and Seolryun haha.
9. Suzy and Fay
10. Suzy, Sana, and Shin Eun-soo were all from JYP, right? Shin Eun-soo is also very pretty.
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