[PANN] Illit styling is not good

I know the fashion trend for 2024 is feminine core and layering, but can you make it pretty?

While watching a music broadcast, there isn't a single coordination that makes me feel good.
And looking at the group shot, there was no harmony at all.

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Article: Illit styling is not good.
One. [+26, -0]

Do I always have to wear diaper-like cloth? It's so childish… It's even worse because the girls' faces look so young. But I would say that Moka uses her face very well.
2. [+9, -0]
The fit was strange, but I liked it because it fit the concept so well.

three. [+8, -0]
I agree…I think they put it on the girls to make them look like princesses. Give them a magic wand and the look will be complete.
4. [+6, -1]
There are competitors like Kiss of Life and New Jeans, and their style is so good that I want to hear more of their songs, but the girls here have good visuals and good songs, but I don't think they can do that. Even though I sing well and do my makeup and styling, I don't get a good response, and instead I get insulted comments like “there are no women that stand out”…
5. [+5, -0]
It's like they're wearing Lolita fashion… They're all slim and have good proportions, so I think they could wear cooler clothes than that.

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