[PANN] Illit kalguksu hahahaha

“The biggest trend, kalguksu”

“Kalguksu with all the qualities of popularity”

When was this filmed?
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Post: Illit Kalguksu hahahaha

One. [+123, -27]
Is that an idol?

2. [+63, -10]
Shouldn't I get some more cam massage first? What is the image of Afreeca TV?
three. [+53, -12]
“What does Kalgulsu mean?”
4. [+47, -3]
During the Food World Cup, it was Kalguksu VS Kalbijjim and everyone voted for Kalguksu.
5. [+19, -2]
They all have small faces, good proportions, and are quite pretty, but they seem to have no personality, right? Idols are not just pretty, they have to be attractive and pretty to attract attention. I think I need to experiment with more concepts and get more camera massages to look prettier. And if we record more content, we will get to know the members' characteristics and become more attractive. I hope time passes quickly, and I’m curious about his growth.
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