[PANN] Lee Hyori's strange way of speaking

Hyuna: If I don't wear makeup…ㅎㅎ”

Lee Hyori: So you become a baby?
Uhm Junghwa: But babies like her…

Lee Hyori: What baby? she is already how old
Hyuna: I am currently 32 years old…
Lee Hyori: Ah, you're only 32 years old? How long have you been promoting?
Hyuna: 17 years old
Lee Hyori: You've been promoting for 17 years and you're only 32?
Hyuna: Every time I go on air, everyone is so…
Lee Hyori: Young, right?
Hyuna: They are all half…
Lee Hyori: Half your age?
Hyuna: There's no one I can be close with…
Lee Hyori: But even when we go, there's no one to be around, it's hard to deal with them, you know what I mean right?

She's the one who brought up the whole baby thing…
And Uhm Junghwa simply answered him.
She is the one who called Hyuna a baby and then responds to Uhn Junghwa for calling Hyuna a baby.

The staff and Hyuna were there, but she kept interrupting everyone.
Uhm Junghwa just laughed awkwardly and left, it was very sad to see

It's good that he created a place for Hyuna to sit next to him, but he really needs to pay more attention to the way he speaks.
Source: Pann / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Lee Hyori's strange way of speaking

1. [+303, -11]
She's like those chicks who would do anything to upset you on vacation, it would give me PTSD.

2. [+283, -21]
The female Lee Hwijae.

3. [+266, -7]
Lee Hyori and Uhm Junghwa are close and I know it, but she always interrupts her when she talks, which is unpleasant. I can see that Uhn Junghwa is someone really kindㅋㅋ.

4. [+236, -5]
Uhn Junghwa is very kind.

5. [+220, -9]
If you watched Dancing Queens on the Road you would realize how saintly Uhn Junghwa is, I feel bad for her.
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