[PANN] I think Karina and Ryujin are crazy;;

The face is really crazy…so pretty…

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Article: Karina and Ryujin must be crazy;;

One. [+31, -6]
The only two people Ryujin calls ‘I love you’ are Chaeryeong and Karina. We previously talked about this in our self-produced content where Chaeryeong and Ryujin are dating.

2. [+29, -6]
Ryujin is crazy

three. [+19, -3]
I want to see how A is doing.aespa and ITZY are still together. wonderful

4. [+17, -2]
It's great to see the friendship between the two and I'm so glad they let us act together.

5. [+15, -1]
Damn pretty girls…
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