[INSTIZ] Photo of reporter Jang Won-young leaving for Taiwan today

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Photo of reporter Jang Won-young heading to Taiwan today
1. It’s so cute to see the baby trying to protect his bangs.

2. Ah, the way he protects his bangs is so cute hahahaha

3. Wow, the wind is really strong today ㅠㅠ I hope the baby doesn’t have a stomach ache ㅠㅠ

4. Hahahahahahahaha cute

5. Aigoㅠ It looks so cold

6. Why is Linda so baby-like?

7. Is the IVE model a Puma model? They all wear cougars.

8. The baby is so cute ㅜㅜ

9. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha cute

10. Do you mind if she is also the model for Lola Lola?
> It doesn’t matter because the lines are different.
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