Former Attrakt girl group Lush representative speaks in defense of CEO

Article: “The CEO-nim is the one who made sure that our share was paid even if we were in debt” The Lush representative cried during the interview.

Source: News 1 Entertainment TV via YouTube

[+1,500] I saw other interviews of this group and they said that for seven years, the CEO has never taken them to dinners with investors or advertising … it’s surprising , if you know anything about business, especially if it is more difficult for small offices. The CEO seems to be very clear about his desire to run things, and it’s amazing that he did this 10 years ago.
– [+122] We all know why CEOs bring their girl groups to dinners with investors… to offer a one-night stand.
– [+115] Yes, this member said that he never brought them to any bad place and stressed that the singer should only care about the good song and leave the business to the company~~

[+953] The CEO is no longer their current CEO but Lush members still refer to him as their CEO, which shows how warm he is to them. I don’t know how you can betray someone like that…

[+446] The Lush… I had never heard of this group and sought them out to listen, and their voices filled my speakers. I know why the CEO admired them… I hope their songs will bring the necessary awareness and good luck to their former CEO.

[+329] It’s hard to get good feedback from a former employer like this. He seems like a kind person.

[+178] I feel his true respect for him ㅠ get stronger, CEO-nim. The whole country is supporting you!!!

[+266] He was so kind to everyone for people like him to come forward in his defense… He lived a good life

[+874] Aigoo, he’s a kind person ㅠ He says he’s sad that he’s not more famous than helping a lot ㅠ I really feel like he wants to help him

[+60] Nothing but good news comes from this person who digs deep into you. I had never heard of The Lush until today and they have great songs like ‘I Belong to You.’ I hope we can create a world that rewards the species. Find strength!!

[+91] He was in tears as he expressed his gratitude for her… you could feel how important he was to his people. May men like him succeed in this business so that they can spread their good influence to other famous people.

[+410] I’m so sad that it looks like it’s very far from him being able to get this girl group back… I hope Ahn Sung Il is prosecuted, he’s a fraud who thinks the debt belongs to him. CEO if the group. skin, but all beats are his ㅋㅋ

[+201] It is hard to believe that there is a CEO like him in our industry

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