MCountdown’s champion and encore live

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Choi Yena – SMILEY

MCountdown’s champion and encore live

MCountdown’s champion and encore live

1. Oh she did well? She’s so adorable!

2. I often think of the song. She’s so adorable

3. “Don’t cry don’t cry”

4. Yena congrats. Why are the first two lines from the song’s lyrics “Don’t cry don’t cry”

5. What is her age? She looks like a baby?

6. She’s among the stars who’s talents are the world. She’s underrated

7. The song is fantastic and makes you happy. Congratulations for being the best. I love the Girls’ High School Mystery Class.

8. Oh she’s so cute. The way she said “Don’t cry don’t cry” Ah.

9. Even when she cried, she looked amazing. Oh, she’s adorable! I’m crying.

10. She’s great at living and why is she so adorable? Yena congrats!



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