[INSTIZ] Did Newjeans change makeup artist?

Her makeup this time looks a lot like what Nagyeom-teacher did. Please make her do makeup for music shows too ㅠㅠㅠ

All of Nagyeom-teacher’s makeup recently has been legendary. Especially the ones she did for Minji, Haerin, and Hyein. There is a big difference when Nagyeom-teacher does makeup VS other professionals. I will be anticipating her work in the future as well.

Source: Instiz / Translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Did Newjeans change makeup artist?

1. Hul Hyein and Minji’s faces look so much better.

2. Unsurprisingly, colorful makeup definitely looks better than nude makeup.

3. Pretty ?

4. They’ve always been pretty, but I feel like their faces look a lot more lively now.

5. Right? Good? She made a big difference to Hyein.

6. Nagyeom-teacher ??

7. They go great with blush. Nice.

8. Even for nude makeup, the ones that Nagyeom-teacher did in his debut days were super pretty.

9. Wow Hyein is crazy.

10. The attention was also from this makeup artist??
> Yes!

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