The Taiwanese criticized the inappropriate news of Le Sserafim

Article: Taiwanese athlete sued for sexual comments towards “natural apologist” Le Sserafim

Source: X Sports News via Nate

[+87, -0] The article doesn't say exactly what he said so I'll leave it here: he said he wanted to stick with the girls downstairs.

– [+35, -0] He is crazy!!

– [+33, -0] At first I thought that people are becoming more sensitive but the truth is that they are stupid

– [+26, -1] Hul… I sue

– [+1, -0] Wow, he's going to do a great job one day

– [+1, -0] Wait, really? A simple apology is not enough for…

– [+3, -0] very stupid

– [+10, -0] That's really bad, they should prosecute him

– [+11, -0] What a psycho..

– [+26, -1] Is this judgment unfair?

[+13, -1] But what did he say?

[+11, -0] How bad is it that even the article won't prove exactly what it says?

[+7, -1] It must be crazy.. especially if there is a child in the group

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