[PANN] This meme was ultimately a meme for Espa lol.

“Don’t date ugly men.”

Meme: Please don't date ugly men! If you're looking for someone, look for someone good-looking! please”
But what do they expect Giselle to do? Damn it, he can't smile, he can't smile.
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Post: This meme was ultimately a meme for Espa lol.

One. [+40, -12]
Here you go? Are you saying that the meme came out because of Karina…? Wasn’t it because of Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee? To be honest, Lee Jae-wook and Ahn Bo-hyun are not so ugly that there are differences of opinion.
2. [+38, -5]
They…are tactless…
three. [+28, -28]
Do you really think Karina's boyfriend is ugly? however <영혼의 연금술>I fell in love with Lee Jae-wook while watching. Especially in his first season. He's 187cm tall, and the age difference between him and Karina is perfect, and they seem to get along really well… To Muggles, they're just a couple of pretty people, and I understand that real fans who spend money gather here, but Latsome Man's image in front of the public is important, right? If Karina is this pretty, she should go on a date. And I'm not saying that's obvious, but it's bothering them a lot. I don't know if it's just Her Karina and her fans, but I think all of Her Karina and her fan site operators think that way.
4. [+22, -2]
Lee Jae-wook has never been evaluated as an 'ugly actor', so why are they talking about Lee Jae-wook in the comments?… Wasn't it the Ryu Jun-yeol-Han So-hee dating scandal meme… haha ​​Why did they randomly mention Lee Jae-wook?
5. [+22, -1]
Isn’t this just a meme we see on all idols these days? It's not because of Karina and Lee Jae-wook, but why does every comment only talk about Lee Jae-wook?
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