Netizens pledge support for ‘Fifty Fifty 2’ and urge Attrakt to open auditions

Article: Advertisers are even asking for ‘Fifty Fifty’ season 2 with new characters

Source: JTBC News via YouTube

[+1,500] I never thought that I would see today that there is an award for an agency~!!! It’s amazing! Attract~! You have to be successful no matter what!! We support you!!

[+1,000] If Attrakt opens auditions for a second group, there will be many beautiful and talented applicants. I think even a TV show audition program would be better.

[+742] If the CEO decided to make a new test show, it would daebak the classification of viewers and CF.

[+714] The CEO has done his part as an adult in this situation. It’s time to move on and spread its positive effects to the new fifty-fifty. We will support you.

[+658] Now it’s a race against time! The CEO needs to gather all of his resources and accelerate into a second phase. In fact, just start with a new test program!

[+414] Fifty Fifty season 2 is going to be awesome because #1 their CEO has strong public support in his fight against evil #2 none of the people public knows who those first people were since they released a song #3 of the current people who lack visibility, skill, and beauty. You can find kids like them anywhere in Hongdae… The CEO should think hard about this because this is an opportunity for him to climb back. He should know that this group will attack him again later, even if not now. Just start fresh with a new team to ensure your success. This is an opportunity that heaven has given you.

[+292] If there’s one thing our country can’t stand, it’s the back!! It’s so stupid of them to think they can get away with something like Yoo Seung Joon-style.

[+275] CEO Jun Hong Joon will become a famous name in the history of K-Pop. I know good things are waiting for him.

[+267] I totally support an exchange student~ There are tons and tons of students who are more talented and beautiful than them…

[+259] This is the first time I have seen a Chief Executive Officer supported by the entire country. He deserves it, especially with all the stories of how he always treated his artists like his own daughters.

[+236] Daebak is unsure if he will take an audition

[+234] We all promise to buy your next album when you create a new group

[+193] Fifty Fifty should be jailed, all my support is for Fifty Fifty 2

[+135] Please… harden your heart and make a new group. I’ve never bought an album in my life but I promise I’ll support you. CEO-nim, please harden your heart and fight hard!

[+49] Public honor is on your side, CEO-nim. I will buy your first album no matter what.

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