Korean corn dogs have become an instant hit in K-cuisine

Article: Despite spending hundreds of millions of won in the promotion of kimchi and bibimbap around the world, the ‘corn dog’ is what became an unexpected disaster.

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+274] Order the classic corn dog rolled in a little sugar and the first bite will be like knocking on heaven’s door.

[+212] I don’t know why we bother to spend money on promoting our food ㅋㅋㅋ? If people like food, they’ll find it, and we can prove it at that point. Stop wasting our taxes.

[+79] People will seek out what they find interesting. It’s very simple.

[+52] I don’t know why we keep promoting kimchi and bibimbap but what scares foreigners… Foreigners have the spice of children.

[+25] Korean hot dogs are very popular in Japan and America right now

[+12] It’s really cool~~~~~~ when I first went in line for a Myungrang dog… I kept telling my friends and family that this should be spread all over the world. It’s been great so far!!!!

[+12] Driving on sugar is a law that must be followed ??‍♂️

[+6] It doesn’t matter how much money we spend promoting our food if they don’t eat what they don’t like. Whether they like it or not, there is absolutely no need to force kimchi down everyone’s throats.

[+6] Kimchi and bibimbap can be hit or miss but corn dogs are something that can be enjoyed anywhere.

[+2] Aren’t they American hot dogs?
– [+8] Americans call this specialty ‘Korean hot dogs’

[+2] Hey, I didn’t understand why we introduced bibimbap in the first place…

[+2] Bibimbap is a traditional dish, it is not a food…

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