Former Fifty Fifty trio sues for 13 billion won in damages

article: Former Fifty Fifty members Sena, Aran, and Shio file suit for 13 billion won in damages

source: Insight through Instagram

[+360] What I don't know about those parents is that they have never worked in the real world before. You must know better than anyone else how a company operates. If the company had not yet recovered its investment in the group, and there was no income to be paid, what did they expect?

– [+42] I think they were blinded by the fact that their daughters were on the billboard and they didn't see the logic.

– [+9] They were blinded by greed, failing to realize that America's reputation was purely luck.

– [+1] A person blinded by greed cannot help.

– [+4] I also read that Ahn Seong-il gaslighted his parents.

[+379] I don't understand why they still don't realize the reality of their situation…

[+195] I hope they receive financial punishment so that incidents like this never happen again!

[+136] Now it's time to pay the price.

[+26] Their next plan will be to claim that Ahn Seong-il committed fraud. That's why it's so important to do the right things in life. Because it only takes a second for everything to fall apart like this.

[+22] People rushing to make money so they can spend the rest of their lives as slaves to repay all this money…

[+12] If I had gone back with Kina ???? I would have had a chance to go out…

[+95] I can't go back now even if I want to

[+7] I had three chances to get out of this mess… Ah, my fickle pride.

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