Fifty Fifty filed contract termination lawsuits against their agencies

Video: ‘The Small Agency Miracle’ Fifty Fifty under dispute over their contract… lawsuit filed against their agency.

Source: JTBC News via YouTube

[+1,900] I usually warn against joining the company, but I feel bad for the CEO in this case. I hope all this will be resolved amicably. Members need a wake-up call because there is not just one song to be found in this work.

[+1,400] The truth is that I don’t see a lot of adjustment in people themselves. They were blessed with a good song. They should put their faith in their company that got a song like this and let it go for a few years, maybe get another hit under their belt, build their reputation, before doing another one. thing. I think they are riding off the highs of their new popularity, and it looks like some outside forces have gotten to their heads. Not long ago they did an interview where they were asked about any concerns they had with a small company, and they said confidently that they are working on a gerat basis. Now, their actions seem to be the opposite of that. The agency and the artists should have more trust in each other.

[+940] Now they want to leave because they say it’s been hard for the last seven months, but they don’t think it’s going to be hard at all? You should show more loyalty to the people who found you in a popular song. Behavior like this will destroy any local fans you have left in this country… unless it’s promotion. outside is your goal. Goodbye, I think.

[+656] This is the first time I feel bad for the CEO… please fight…

[+562] I want to stay with the company that taught me my skills and help them grow in a company like Hybe than to take my chance in the competition but there is no end.

[+522] It is very necessary for a small branch like them to learn a part in this situation.. don’t do this…

[+427] Unsuccessful and unhappy. Fifty Fifty is more important as a group than as an individual, and I don’t think the members of the church know that. Their popularity is largely based on the screen of their company for picking up ideas and songs… How could they think of kicking their own luck out the door instead of being a opportunity to grow more?

[+407] I hope the CEO has more daebak in another group than ㅠㅠ I know he has an eye for exaggeration, no need for Fifty Fifty ㅠㅠ

[+372] It’s just wrong to do this to the person who raised you ㅠㅠ if you ruin your image like this, I don’t think you’ll get it back in our country.

[+363] I felt very supportive of them after finding a group with such an impact and growth in the world… but it looks like this is the end of them.

[+332] CEO-nim, find strength..ㅠㅠ!!!

[+330] Let’s be real, it’s only famous because of one great song… not because the members themselves are special or have amazing views…

[+301] Wow, that’s so disrespectful of them. Find strength in the CEO.

[+271] Based on the feedback, I think the country’s position on this issue is clear. Unless there are deep internal conflicts that the public is not aware of, I think that the members will not be able to recover their photos from this situation without a clear statement of their side of thing.

[+263] They need to get one thing straight: they are not in a position where people are happy because they are. People who love their song, and continue to know who they are…don’t fall for the candy this stranger is offering ㅠㅠ

[+252] This company took unnamed kids and taught them a good song and now their parents are standing in the way of their future… They should be fooled their parents think the members are more important than they really are… CEO- nim, get the power!

[+227] They traded seven months ago… How much did you expect to pay? How many times have you done it? How many of them had such a hard time? I feel like the parents of the members stepped in as soon as they got a share of the income on the table and caused this whole mess…

[+201] Their CEO sold his own car, his watch to make more money at Fifty Fifty, so sad…

[+143] CEO-nim, find strength ㅠㅠ I feel like this will set a precedent that it will be more difficult for smaller agencies to invest and train idol groups. It shows that you can do everything but there is still a big company that jumps in and takes it all away… It sure looks like this area is looking at the trees and not the forest.

[+106] Their group has been scheduled to have no talent this whole time, and they’ve barely gotten any interviews because of the popularity of one song, and if they think the past seven months have been tough big, that’s how hard they need to make a claim… then maybe fame was never meant for them.

[+45] They don’t seem to understand why people supported them. The fact that they did it despite all the difficulties of being in an agency, in a business designed against them, but still in the show to show their skills… this is one example of human reason. bootstrap component support. I hope all this will be resolved amicably.

[+44] They know that the life of idol groups is only for a short period of time and maybe they were given a once in a lifetime opportunity financially… but I don’t think they will be happy with this decision. . .

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