Lisa to compensate Thai shop owner who blocked street for music video shoot with one month's income

article: 'Young and Rich' Lisa to Compensate Store Owners for Lost Income for a Month Due to Street Blockade for Music Video Filming

source: Insights through Instagram

[+192] Wow, that's really amazing.. Look at that class of character and power.

[+77] But it's only 750,000 won per month…

[+17] It's funny. The haters have the audacity to hate this, but I bet they've never given a dime out of their own pocket to anyone ????????

[+20] Well, of course her company is paying for it after calculating that the money it stands to make is greater than the money it stands to lose.

– [+13] That company is Lisa's company, so in effect, Lisa is giving them money.

[+4] When this becomes news, it makes me wonder how careless the production team was and why they didn't do what they should have done from the beginning. It reminds me of a scandal a long time ago when a hospital drama was filmed inside an actual hospital and real patients were reported to have been treated as a nuisance by the film crew.

[+4] Wow~ she is really amazing

[+3] I think this should be common sense, especially when it comes to destroying someone's livelihood, but it probably isn't.

[+10] I think this should be the standard

[+0] If it's 750,000 won to Lisa, it's probably like 75 cents to us lol

[+0] That's pretty cheap considering how much money she makes from the entire production.

[+8] Basically, they gave allowances to poor villages.

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